Our success at Pertemps Medical is due to the staff that we have within our recruitment teams being tailored to individual specialties. We put relationships at the heart of everything we do. This enables each recruitment consultant to focus on the unique details and specialist knowledge that goes hand in hand with the roles you have dedicated your careers to.

From General Medicine to Radiology, we ensure that your needs, desires and goals will be at the forefront of what we do.

Interested in registering with us? Find out what our doctors have to say about the service we deliver...

I can say for certain that I've had a superb experience working with Pertemps Medical and being looked after by Liam.

You have always been so professional, caring and accommodating.

You found me my first consultant post, which was a huge boost to my career.

I am extremely happy with my experience so far.

I regularly recommend Pertemps to my colleagues who ask me for advice on what locum agency to go for.


Locum Consultant

I have known Apoorva for more than 2 years and cannot speak highly enough of her.

She keeps in contact checking my well-being in every contract she has secured for me.

I feel Apoorva always has my best interest at heart and gets me the most ideal environment to work in.

She makes the on-boarding process in every clinical job very simple and hassle free.

I think she is a genuine credit to Pertemps Medical and i hope our professional relationship continues to blossom.


Locum Consultant

Liam managed to get me my current job that I have been at for the last 4.5 years, when another agency were unable to do so.

I therefore changed agency to Pertemps Medical.

He has always been really helpful with my complaints and supportive throughout the revalidation process.

He's been a great guy to work with


Speciality Doctor Trauma & Orthopaedics

It has been almost one year since I have started working as a Locum Consultant in Medicine with Pertemps through Abhijeet.

I must say it has been a good experience, you have been cooperative and very helpful in terms of any assistance required by me.

My payments have always been on time.

You have been quite helpful in organising and sponsoring my annual appraisal.

Overall it has been a pleasure to work with you and Pertemps and I hope this mutual cooperation will last a long time.


Locum Consultant

The job of a Locum Consultant Dermatologist in the UK gives you the freedom in all aspects - as a manager of your own life, financial and also the opportunity of a high self professional development.

But this is not possible without Lara at Pertemps Medical.

For the last 8 years we've worked together the most supportive, caring and professional company in the UK for locum doctors.

Thank you, Lara and Pertemps Medical!


Locum Consultant

Through Pertemps Medical I recently took on a role as a Locum NHS Consultant working part time.

This was initially for 3 months, now extended.

The main feedback I have about my experience is that Mahj, and her colleagues in compliance, were incredible.

Mahj was available, responsive, proactive and totally relevant to whatever I was looking for and needed, throughout the process ongoingly.


Locum Consultant

I have been working with Gary since May 2017.

I have to say that I've been registered with several agencies, and have contacted numerous Recruitment Consultants, there was a turning point on the day I met Gary.

Gary is serious, efficient, very clever, extremely professional and skilled.

But all above he is an honest person.

The only reason that could keep me away is the global pandemic.

I truly hope we are able to work together again in the future.


Locum Consultant

I am delighted to be able to write a reference for Daryl, who I have known for the past 3 years.

He is a recruiter for Pertemps Medical covering the speciality of Ophthalmology and during this time he has been able to secure 2 positions for me, each 6 months' in duration.

The qualities which I most admire is his ability to communicate well and his knack for active problem solving.

He will give you feedback, so that you can gauge your position and adapt accordingly.

He is a real asset to Pertemps Medical and I am fortunate to have him as my recruiter.


Locum Consultant

I have been working with Urfan at Pertemps Medical for a couple of years now and I only have great words to say about him.

I found the recruitment experience very professional and I highly recommend Urfan.

He has always made sure to find the most suitable position for me and accommodate my necessities.

What I value the most is that he is always available and helpful with my problems, if any arose.

I always had the support I needed in starting a new job contract in a different city.


Senior House Officer
Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Thank you for your time spent finding suitable shifts for me, Sahil.

I am particular of the shifts I do, and you have been helpful in getting me favourable shifts.

I have no complaints at all with your service. You understand easily the complexity of shuffling regular work with locum work.

I would definitely recommend you to any of my colleagues who are interested in locum work.

You're easily contactable, understanding, maintain good communication and very pleasant.


Registrar Medicine

Over a year ago Gary was looking after me while I was in Bolton.

He is very organised. Always approachable, polite, friendly and he is very considerate.

When he was looking for a job for me he would always consider my personal needs.

I am very pleased with his service and wish him all the best.


Locum Speciality
Doctor A&E

I have been with Pertemps Medical for just over a year now.

I am extremely happy with the service that Pertemps and its staff provide.

My consultant Emma has been exceptionally helpful and supportive in identifying and securing a job that met my needs.

The agency support team has been equally helpful in guiding me through the transition from NHS Consultant to Locum Consultant.

Pertemps also organise CPD-accredited training days and facilitates organising online appraisals.

I am more then happy to recommend Pertemps Medical.


Locum Consultant

Over the last 2 years, I have done locums through a couple of agencies. However, the best working experience has been with you.

You try very hard to get the best match for locum jobs depending on my preferences.

You are very approachable and always available to sort any issues related to the job.

You communicate effectively and you have a good team to support you. It has been a pleasure working with you, Gary.

I certainly hope to continue our association in the future.


Locum Consultant Anaesthetics

I started working with Lara in October 2014. At that time, I had just completed my training as a Dermatologist in Greece.

Lara not only helped me find a post as a Locum Consultant in the UK, but also supported me with all the paperwork and my relocation.

All these years she was on my side 24/7 trying to do her best for my interest by getting me the best available post and rates.

I highly recommend her for agency work in the UK.


Locum Consultant

I have known Liam for the last eight years. His attitude and professional approach is probably the only reason which has made me work exclusively with Pertemps Medical.

You may see that all my jobs have been through Pertemps Medical even the ones I arranged as consequence of my personal relationship with various hospitals.

I highly value Liam not only from the work point of view but also as a friend.

He always looked after me to the highest standard and I regard his performance as outstanding in all aspects.

He always made extra efforts to get the best deal for me or to arrange an accommodation which is never easy.

I have no doubt he will continue to provide excellent service for Pertemps Medical and despite the market being hit very hard with this crisis I hope for any further contracts to continue under his guidance.


Locum Consultant

I have known Gary Sheridan for more than ten years.

I worked intermittently as a Locum Anaesthetist for at least half of this time, and the vast majority of these medical jobs were arranged by Gary.

He is an extremely capable agent and a keen negotiator.

Over the years he seems to have gained the confidence of many hospital administrators and clinical managers.

Apart from being very knowledgeable and experienced he is also a ‘man with a plan’ – always keen to find solutions when faced with difficulties.

I have always felt very comfortable working with Gary as, despite being very capable, he is has always remained true to himself: good-natured and, most importantly, sincere.


Locum Consultant

Whilst working with Pertemps Medical Agency they have always been extremely efficient. Correct information is always given when a CV is sent over and communication is always exceptional.


Pertemps are actively supplying the Trust with locums and always send a high calibre of locums. We are very happy to continue using Pertemps as one of our preferred suppliers of locums.


Medical Workforce Recruitment Specialist

AWP have worked with Pertemps for several years to fill our agency vacancies and have always found the service provision to be efficient, compliant and timely working to support us to fulfil our requirements with a positive success rate for bookings.


Medical HR Officer for BSW and GP/Foundation Doctors

On a personal note I’d like to say a huge thank you to you. You have been a star and have bailed us out a fair few times when other agencies have failed us. We are so grateful for all your hard work and help. If ever you find yourself in Stoke On Trent then let us know and we would love to have you visit us at the Trust. I’m sure international recruitment will come around again in the future so I’ll look forward to working with you again


International Nurse Lead